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Jeffery D. Guerriero has negotiated over 130 NFL player contracts and represented NFL General Managers and other pro-personnel. Jeff had negotiated contracts for players in virtually every position with almost every team in the NFL. Jeff is not only known for this tough negotiating skills, but also for his honesty and integrity.


Jeff has established excellent relationships and invaluable contacts with scouts, pro-personnel, general managers and coaches within the football community. Jeff has earned great respect in his professional and personal life. Jeff's dedication to his clients and work ethics are unparalleled. Since 1998, Jeff has represented over 100 professional football players and considered them all to be a part of his family.


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Elizabeth J. Guerriero brings over 25 years of contract drafting and negotiating experience to the table. Elizabeth has taught contract and business law at the University of Louisiana at Monroe for over 20 years.


She brings a wealth of contract experience to ProSource, having negotiated tax settlements with the IRS, production contracts with major television networks including VIACOM and international movie distribution deals.


Elizabeth works with Jeff on all player contract negotiation and reviews all contract language prior to execution. Elizabeth also drafts all specially negotiated contract provisions and drafts/reviews all player endorsements, marketing and other contracts.