According to Sports Illustrated, 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or in financial stress within 2 years after their retirement. For this reason, ProSource Sports assist their clients in hiring a qualified NFLPA certified financial management planer to help clients establish a long term plan for their retirement and invest their money wisely. At ProSource, we believe your money should be working for you. It is hard to think about retirement when just beginning a professional career, but the failure to do so is one of the primary reasons so many former players struggle financially when their careers end.


ProSource will act as the client's liaison with their financial planner, so clients can fully focus on their athletic performance.


ProSource works closely with clients and their financial advisers to establish a budget that accommodates the client's needs and lifestyle, which still providing for future retirement funding. ProSource helps clients learn to manage their money, pay their bills timely and build a strong credit rating.


Clients are placed on automatic monthly bill pay services, so there will be no worry about missed or late bill payments, and no hassle with mailing reoccurring payments. We also educate player's on benefits offered through NFL and NFLPA to assist players in their post football careers and retirement.