We encourage all our clients to be positive role models both on and off the field, to be involved in charitable causes and to give back to the communities supporting them. Our clients participate in a variety of charitable events including celebrity basketball and gold tournament fundraisers, charity youth football clinics, children's home and cancer hospital visits, charity auctions, and a variety of other community events.

We are also more than happy to assist clients who desire to start their own charitable foundations to support interests that are close to their hearts.


It is important for our clients to build and maintain a positive image and to learn the personal value of helping others. Our clients truly benefit as much as the people they help and the charities they participate in.


At ProSource, we take the jobs of representing our clients very seriously, but we also genuinely enjoy the personal time we spend with our clients and their families. Whether it's grabbing dinner, attending events or heading to a game, we love travelling to visit our clients and having some quality time off the field in whichever amazing city they end up in.